• Congratulations to Aereas for the Engelson thesis award for the best PhD thesis in Bioengineering!
  • Congratulations to Gaurav for getting slected as 2016 Gordon Scholar Fellow!
  • Congratulations to Gaurav for his best Bioengineering poster award at the research expo 2016!
  • Congrats to Eva for receiving the NSF graduate research fellowship!
  • Our research is featured for the UCSD Big Ideas for 2016 - and Beyond article!
  • Congrats to Aereas, Gaurav, and Han for making it as oncofluidics to semifinalist for OneStart Competition!
  • Prof. Varghese has been elected to the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) College of Fellows.


  • Congrats to Nailah on being nominated for the School of Global Policy and Strategy Science Policy Fellow!
  • Congrats to Manando for his paper in Nature Communications!
  • Congrats to Aereas, Gaurav and Han for successfully advancing to the NSF I-Corps National Phase!
  • Congrats to Heemin for winning the Acta Student Award! Link
  • Congrats to Vernon for winning the Best Poster Award at the post-doc poster slam!
  • Thanks to Mesenchymal Stem Cell news for highlighting our article! Link
  • Congratulations to Heemin for winning the 2015 Acta Student Award!
  • Congratulations to the senior design team for winning the Eugene H. Memorial award 2015!
  • Congratulations to Vikram for the best bioengineering TA award 2015!
  • Congratulations to Vikram and co. for winning the best poster at BEday 2015!
  • Congratulations to Ivneet and co. for winning the best department poster at Research Expo 2015! Link
  • Short commentary on a recent Nature article!
  • Congratulations to Gaurav, Ivneet, Aereas and Han for being awarded with the UCSD NSF icorp award!
  • Thanks to CIRM for their continual support.
    At the KUSI News studio


  • Congratulations to Aereas on his new manuscript on the biophysics of cancer metastasis! (which has been highlighted by biophysics journal!) Biophys Highlight
  • Congratulations to Harsha and Joshua on their new publication on improving stem cell transplantation efficiency! Link
  • Congratulations to Harsha Kabra on her successful defense, and we wish her all the best in her job!
  • Congratulations to Augustus Patton on his successful defense, and his new position at Abbott Laboratories!
  • Congratulations to Aereas Aung for winning the UCSD interdisciplinary research award!
  • New Website Launched!
  • Vernon's upcoming paper is accepted into PNAS! Click here to see it!


  • Quoted on BBC article! Link
  • The Varghese lab would like to extend our warmest welcome to Vernon Shih!
  • Congrats to Shruti for passing the qualifying exams with a distinction!
  • Congrats to Cecilia on her defence!
  • Congrats to Fei on her new position at St Jude's! All the best!
  • Congrats to Joydeep Biswas on his academic position at Sikkam Manipal Institute of Technology
  • Aereas Aung is selected to be a pre-doctoral fellow in the NIH/NHLBI Training Grant.


  • Congrats to Aereas for receiving NSF honorable mention!
  • Congrats to Tuan Lin on his position in Singapore Polytechnic!
  • Congratulations on a successful dissertation, Dr. Ameya Phadke!
  • Congrats to Sam on his position at Life Technologies!
  • Congrats, Ameya on winning the Siebel Scholar Award!
  • Congratulations to Ameya for winning best presentation at BEday!
  • Congratulations to Samuel Suk on his defence!
  • Congratulations to Ameya Phadke on his position at BD!


  • Congrats to Aereas for receiving NSF honorable mention!
  • Congrats to Nathaniel Hwang on his appointment at Seoul National University!
  • Congratulations to Dr. Joshua Hwang for a successful disssertation!
  • Congrats to Jeff on his new academic appointment at National Tsing Hua University!
  • Congratulations to Nivedita on her position at Dupont!
  • Congrats to Joshua Hwang for winning the STAR award!
  • Dr. Shyni Varghese is promoted to Associate Professor with tenure.

2008 - 2010

  • Congratulations to Aereas for winning the ARCS scholarship!
  • Congratulations for Chao Zhang on his new academic position at Sun Yat-Sen University!
  • Congratulations to Ramses on his position at SAIC!
  • Congrats to Aereas for receiving the Calit2 summer 2009 research scholarship!
  • Congratulations to Allison Gilles for winning the NSF research fellowship!
  • Congrats to Aereas for receiving the REU summer research scholarship!
  • Congrats to Jessica for receiving the Chancellor's research award!
  • Dr. Shyni Varghese is the awardee of the CIRM new faculty award!